BRICS Nations Urged to Lead in Ditching Dollar, Adopting Yuan

• Syrian President Bashar Assad urges BRICS nations to take the lead in abandoning the U.S. dollar as a currency for global transactions.
• Assad encourages China to use its yuan for cross-border trade and praises Chinese mediation between Saudi Arabia and Iran.
• Chinese diplomat Zhai Jun promises continued support from Beijing against „external interference“ and “terrorism.”

Encouraging BRICS Leadership

President Bashar Assad of Syria has called on BRICS nations to take the lead in abandoning the U.S. dollar as a currency for global transactions and instead switch to using the Chinese yuan for cross-border trade. He believes that confrontation with the United States and the West in general is mainly taking place in economic fields, thereby making it increasingly necessary to ditch the U.S. dollar in international settlements. According to him, this is where BRICS can play a leading role by adopting the Chinese yuan for trade transactions between nations within their bloc.

Positive Impact of Iranian-Saudi Relations

Assad also praised China’s mediation which resulted in rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, both applying for membership in BRICS, saying that it will positively impact stability of the whole region. He further argued that today entire world needs China’s presence politically and economically so as to bring back balance into global situation, adding that BRICS alliance forms a strong international space capable of creating an international multipolar order.

Accusation Against US

Syria’s foreign minister recently accused US of imposing sanctions on Syria with intentions of stealing its assets and keeping it under its hegemony; something which was reiterated by Assad during his meeting with China’s top diplomat Zhai Jun on Saturday who promised continued support from Beijing against “external interference” and “terrorism” alike while backing Damascus‘ rapprochement with other Arab countries like Saudia Arabia and Iran..

Chinese Diplomacy

China has been quite active when it comes to diplomacy regarding Middle East; initiating talks about potential enlargement of BRICS while promoting use of Yuan internationally so as to reduce dependence on USD globally while supporting efforts towards same purpose as well..


In conclusion, we can say that current scenario demands more active participation from China both politically as well economically across globe so as to bring back balance into global system by creating an international multipolar order via adoption Yuan instead of US Dollar by all nations around globe..