Tesla’s bitcoin purchase is ’scary‘: ex-US bank boss shakes his knees

Tesla, the black sheep of finance? – The recent investment in Tesla has not just blown up the price of bitcoin. Some see it as an omen of the bankruptcy of the global monetary system. The risk of seeing the largest companies opt for digital currencies in order to protect their valuation hangs over fiduciary hegemony, as over fundamental freedoms.

At the top of the pyramid, the concern is palpable

It is Brian Brooks , the outgoing leader of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), who takes advantage of his „freedom“ to lead the charge. The latter indeed reveals a real tension around questions of freedom and legitimacy to constrain them, and he does not mince his words.

In the highest spheres of power, cryptocurrencies, led by Bitcoin Supersplit review, would be seen as increasingly credible competitors of state currencies, designating them as a damaging challenge to the sovereignty of states in monetary matters … and much more .

The coming insurrection

The same Brian Brooks is also worried about the rising politicization of technologies, more precisely evoking the latent challenge of public authority palpable in the recent episodes of the invasion of the Capitol, but also the censorship of Twitter accounts or the “moral blocking ” » Of certain VISA transactions.

Europe is not left out. Between calls for binding legislation, and the scheduled issuance of a euro-digital, the heart of the old continent swings .

While it is imperative to preserve individual freedoms , should we nevertheless entrust our monetary future to private interests, which will never have, for citizens, only a consideration proportional to the money they will entrust to them?

Tesla has truly brought Bitcoin into the big leagues, with its colossal investment. Today, with the financial giants who cannot help but tremble, will cryptocurrencies in the future finally be accepted as reliable currencies that can be used on a daily basis?